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Myrna has been my dietitian for the last two months... She is phenomenal!!!  I have NEVER met anyone so dedicated and passionate about her job!  Her dedication to me has been superior.  She has gone above and beyond in researching to determine what would best help me with my food sensitivities relating to histamine responses.  Myrna has encouraged me in my weight gain and in my process of adding foods back into my diet.  She is never hurried but provides a ton of time for me during our sessions.  Her fees are incredibly reasonable when you add in the time she has spent researching and the time she gives me when communicating with me about my diet.  Not only has Myrna helped me with my diet but she also put me on a workout plan to build my muscles and strength.  I have added 8 pounds back to my weight and I have more strength and energy.  I am so very thankful for Myrna’s wisdom she has provided me in my journey to better health!!!


Myrna is an inspiration to all that are struggling with their health and weight.  The Myrna Method has assisted me for the past 18 years in maintaining a healthy weight and living a healthy lifestyle.  The plan is designed to teach you to balance your food and provide optimal health by making nutritious choices and limiting empty calories that can leave you starving.  As someone who tried every diet available with successful weight loss and devastating weight gain I can relate to the frustration that dieting creates.  With the Myrna Method you will no longer be in a constant cycle of weight loss and weight gain.  You can focus on more positive things in your life that are fulfilling and remove the focus of when you will eat again and what it should be.  Myrna has provided the support to be able to achieve a healthy lifestyle that I thought was unattainable until she shared her knowledge!


She’s great! She doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear

but it’s always the truth and science based. Saved my life for sure!


She is amazing love her passion and knowledge!


Myrna has been my dietitian for over 2 years. I can truly say as an RN I have never met a healthcare professional so dedicated to her patients, to peer reviewed research and the truth than Myrna.  In our first meeting when faced with my concerns and symptoms, Myrna already had a good sense of what was going on, but spent hours researching and coming up with an evidenced based plan that helped me not only heal but achieve optimum health and fitness.


I first saw Myrna after consulting 2 physicians regarding a health issue I was having. Both MD's kept prescribing the same medication over and over even though it was not helping my condition. Neither physician considered my nutrition, long term medical history or gut health when treating me. Myrna did all these things. Within one session she had a plan for me which was easily presented in a small book specialized to my individual needs. As an RN it is so common for me to see doctors, nurses and dietitians treat patients and their symptoms with a stock treatment without enough regard to individual differences.  Not the case with my experience with Myrna. She thinks out of the box, leaves no stone unturned and creates a plan for YOU to heal. I personally appreciated that Myrna has such a solid grasp of physiology and biochemical pathways involved in all types of metabolism, that she could teach and explain her plan to me so that I could understand why it made sense for my body and it's healing. This knowledge helped me to stay motivated as did her high energy, compassionate and encouraging demeanor.


After a couple months following her recommendations I saw a marked improvement that I had not seen with the previous treatment I'd been given.  Over time my condition resolved, but Myrna and I continued to tailor my food and supplements to prevent a recurrence and it worked.


Once this issue was resolved, we looked at the bigger picture and how as a vegan athlete I could maximize my performance and fine tune my nutrition even more. Myrna drove home a concept so essential and basic, yet so often left out by MD's, dietitians and most information out there on diets and nutrition - the concept the importance of balancing every meal. It's really easy and has made a huge difference in my energy levels, mood and athletic performance. Though I had the luxury of being able to eat what I wanted (usually lots of carbohydrates at one time) without gaining weight,  doing so left me still hungry and not building the muscle mass I was capable of building. When Myrna explained the importance of me adding some plant based protein and fiber when eating my carbohydrates my life really changed. My energy was consistent, my athletic performance improved, my muscles popped and I was less hungry/felt satisfied after eating without strange cravings here and there.


Myrna is also an expert when it come to exercise/fitness and was able to help me push further than I thought I could to get in better shape than I have ever been in my entire life.


Every once in a while you meet a really exceptional provider who changes your life. Myrna did this for me. I can not recommend her to others enough.

Patricia Massari

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