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Myrna Method™ is a a groundbreaking scientific pathway to embrace eating as a lifelong sustainable practice for maintaining your optimum weight. By addressing the underlying dietary biochemical imbalances, we unveil the true source of weight fluctuations. The Myrna Method™ empowers you to master the art of eating, rebalancing your body and guiding you towards a harmonious relationship with food.

The Myrna Method

Embrace the Journey Toward Lifelong Wellness

Elevate Energy

Enhance vitality and invigorate daily life with the Myrna Method™ strategic approach.

Achieve Your Optimal Weight

Learn weight management precision through a scientifically guided methodology.

End Cravings

Attain dietary equilibrium and conquer cravings systematically with Myrna’s expert guidance

Transform Health

Experience swift health enhancements, from cardiovascular metrics to diabetes control by evidence-based interventions.

The Myrna Method

Why Myrna Method™ is Your Path to True Wellness

The Myrna Method provides the scientific approach to reversing the root cause of weight gain.

This “root cause” is from imbalances that occur in our muscles, Insulin, gut bacteria, and brain because of not knowing how to properly combine; protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber. The body will naturally maintain your leanest and healthiest weight, with the proper combinations of these macronutrients when properly combined.

Why The Myrna Method

What can I eat with Myrna Method?

How Much Protein?

Can I eat carbohydrates?

What about my fat intake?

All food has a certain amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber, therefore no food is eliminated. The key focus is how these macronutrients are timed and combined at each meal and for the day Your food choices are based on foods you enjoy, and how you combine them at meals and with other foods.

Why The Myrna Method

The Key science behind Myrna’s Methodology

In the Myrna Method “Balance- is how we refer to dietary chemical homeostasis from eating a correct ratio of macronutrients. Foods that are not balanced deregulate the appetite, which makes us eat more of the wrong foods. This imbalance is the root cause of weight gain. inflammation. and increased risk factors for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Making small adjustments to foods you normally eat can create a dietary balance that regulates the appetite and metabolism. Myrna’s methodology is teaching you the real story behind foods and how to fix deregulation.

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Join the Myrna Method membership for less than $12.00 per month we provide the guidance and all the tools to change your life, by teaching you how to reverse obesity forever, it is not about short-term weight loss but knowing how to reverse obesity forever.

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The Myrna Method

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See What Everyone Is Saying About The Myrna Method

Vic Lynne
Vic Lynne
Who doesn’t want to feel great and live their best life possible? If you want to be your best, feel your best and live as long and as healthy as you can, you owe it to yourself to sign up for your Myrna Method membership and hear what she has to say. Myrna has done all the legwork for you and presents her findings and conclusions backed up with information from actual medical journals. She actually displays text from the medical journals during the classes and shows you the information that she found and what it means. Myrna has enlightened me about Type 1, Type II diabetes and Alzheimers (Type III diabetes). She has “debunked” many of the diets that I have tried and has shown how damaging some of these diets are to my health. She educates us that “healthy” fats like olive oil, avocados, nuts are good fats, but eating those fats in moderation is imperative. I had no idea how much excess fat I have been eating because I thought it was “good for me”. Myrna has helped me learn so much about nutrition, and how nutrition affects my body, my mind and my life. I truly believe Myrna is saving my life and the lives of her students by educating us. Myrna is very passionate about what she does and makes it interesting to learn the facts of nutrition. Watch some of her You Tube sessions to get inspired. Her classes are very reasonable. I know I am getting more than my moneys worth. You owe it to yourself to take the Lean Life Class, learn the Myrna Method and join us in the online zoom sessions. Try it, you will not be sorry.
Russ D
Russ D
Myrna's knowledge and understanding of the science behind the body and how it works is amazing. I have been trying to eat "healthy" for years and have struggled with getting it right all those years. She is also very good at ensuring you understand what she is talking about and how to implement it in your daily routine. I feel so much better now that she has me eating balanced meals. This is not a diet or "magic bullet" it is learning how to eat good, healthy, balanced meals that will satisfy your hunger and not crave foods you don't need/want in your body.
Kim Vaughan
Kim Vaughan
I cannot thank Myrna enough for the education and dietary plan she provided to address unexplained symptoms I was having. She completely changed my life when other healthcare professionals could not determine why I was symptomatic. Her diligence, research and knowledge in understanding and addressing my bloodwork history, supplements, dietary intake, exercise, among other things etc as the related to symptoms was key! I'm so happy I trusted Myrna and her program!!!
Myrna Haag is a positive and energetic professional who goes above and beyond to help you with your individual needs! Her eating plan is brilliant!
Myrna is AMAZING!!. I started the Myrna method about a year ago. I lost 38 pounds in about 5 months and have kept the weight off by continuing to follow her method. In addition, I am now almost off of all medications. The Myrna Method works! I highly recommend it.
Natalie Ritenour
Natalie Ritenour
Myrna is an excelled RD for anyone struggling with their weight. I had tried all the major diet plans loosing weight only to gain it all back. Myrna's method of balance will teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle without dieting and deprivation. She is absolutely the best you won't regret your decision.