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Registered Dietitian 
Myrna Haag RD, LD/N

Dieting Doesn’t Work!

Learn the Science Behind Eating!

Myrna Method™ is a revolutionary scientific approach,
where your body naturally maintains
your leanest self without dieting.

Learn this revolutionary system that creates dietary homeostasis
resulting in 100% satiety, meaning the desire to eat is gone.
YOU live life at your leanest weight.

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Learn the Science Behind Eating!
Sign up for one of our Group or Individual Program Today!

"A revolutionary, proven, scientific approach
to eating that results in Weight Loss"


After years of research and following the outcomes of her patients…
Myrna came across a scientific breakthrough, based on biochemistry
and food chemistry, that regulates the appetite and metabolism.

Dieting doesn’t work! Stop unintentionally eating foods that cause imbalances that trigger cravings and overconsumption! Learn how Food works. Food has a biochemical journey, from the moment it enters your body to when it goes out. By empowering yourself with the knowledge of how it works, you stop food from controlling your life.”

– Myrna Haag, RD, LD/N
Myrna has unlocked the secret to help you lose weight, gain energy and improve your health with an approach to eating that regulates your appetite and metabolism.

4 Corners of Dietary Balance


The Myrna Method™ explains how poor food choices can cause muscles, insulin, gut bacteria and brain chemicals to trigger a chemical response that deregulates our body’s natural ability to maintain our leanest and healthiest weight.

Learn how these 4 biochemical processes determine your energy level, ability to maintain your ideal body weight, and reduce health risks.

Most health problems are related to poor food choices that result in weight gain.

Clinical research shows that if most people could maintain their ideal body weight, they would reverse most diseases and symptoms. Struggling with weight loss is not about willpower but chemical imbalances we create from proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and fibers that are not properly timed and combined.

Foods that are not balanced deregulate the appetite, which makes us eat more of the wrong foods, which eventually disrupt the metabolism, resulting in obesity, inflammation, and increased risk factors for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

The Myrna Method™ Food Balance process is the scientific approach to eating that naturally regulates the appetite, reverses obesity, inflammation, and health risk factors.

Diets are a short-term solution

because anyone can lose weight…

…but can you keep it off?

Myrna Method™

✔️ Teaches you how to balance your current Favorite Foods.

✔️ Clinical Evidence & Scientific Studies backed by Nutrition Science and Biochemstry.

✔️Teaches you the Dietary System of Balance.


Fad Diets

❌ Based on point system and makes you create a food list where you can’t eat the regular food you eat on a daily basis.

❌ Anecdota Evidence and most studies are based on marketing campaigns.

❌ Makes you count calories, track your weight loss, and gives you food depravation.

Customer Results

The DIET Paradigm Shift

I have a passion for helping others discover the truth about restoring their health and living a long-term, healthy lifestyle permanently.

In this cookbook, I’ll share my real-world experiences as a registered and Licensed Dietitian that have helped people from all walks of life win the ‘battle of the bulge’. 

I also draw on my background in nutrition and restaurant management to design a food plan that will not only help you lose weight and improve your health, but that you will enjoy and be able to maintain permanently.

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