Myrna Method™
Clinical Backed Research

Myrna Method™ stands firmly on a foundation of Clinical Backed Research. Our approach is not just anecdotal; it’s driven by rigorous scientific inquiry.

Myrna Methodis not a diet. It the Solution

A cascade of biochemical dietary imbalances can trigger an obesity condition, often stemming from appetite and metabolism deregulation. These imbalances not only contribute to weight gain but can also lead to chronic illnesses. Achieving dietary equilibrium is crucial for maintaining overall well-being and metabolic harmony.

Weight gain is a manifestation of an underlying obesity condition, rooted in a disrupted appetite and metabolism. It’s important to recognize that shedding pounds doesn’t necessarily address the core issue; it might yield temporary weight reduction. To achieve lasting resolution for obesity, addressing the appetite and metabolism at the root is essential. The Myrna Method tackles this root cause directly, resulting in not just weight loss but also a comprehensive transformation.

Each facet of our methodology has been meticulously crafted and validated through clinical research, ensuring that every aspect of our program contributes effectively to your journey towards optimal health and weight management.

From understanding the intricacies of dietary biochemistry to crafting personalized strategies, every step is underpinned by evidence that ensures your success is not just temporary, but sustained. With Myrna Method™, you’re not just embarking on a wellness journey – you’re venturing into a realm of transformative results grounded in clinical precision.


Live Lean. Recalibrate Your Metabolism

Focusing on weight loss is masking the issue, which is reinforced by a lack of education and direction. The Myrna Method app provides direction and education.

Myrna will show you the science behind how to live your life your leanest.   When you fix the appetite and metabolism the body eventually drops you to your leanest weight, with out dieting.  Myrna Shows you the science on how to maintain your ideal body weight for life

Don’t mask the issue, ADDRESS the issue.


Exercise promotes health benefits but a lack of exercise is not why you have an obese condition

Injections and Pills

Injections and pills do not reverse an obese condition, they may make it worse.

Restricting Calories

Restricting calories will promote weight loss, but deprivation is not sustainable. 

Myrna’s research on balancing meals uses a technique she created that properly combines, times, and maintains macronutrient percentages for each meal. Properly balanced meals biochemically curb the desire for food. When people lose the desire to eat, they lose weight. You can lose weight on any diet if the calories are low enough, but the key is long-term ideal body weight maintenance.

The wrong diet can lead to more weight gain and inflammation after you stop the diet. In other words, you may have short-term weight loss but an increase in inflammation, slower metabolism, and more risk for certain diseases. The Myrna Methodmeal balance teaches you how to apply this revolutionary methodology created from Myrna’s years of research and experience.

Myrna Haag created a revolutionary dietary approach that teaches people how to properly balance meals.

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