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Myrna Method™ is a a groundbreaking scientific pathway to embrace eating as a lifelong sustainable practice for maintaining your optimum weight. By addressing the underlying dietary biochemical imbalances, we unveil the true source of weight fluctuations. The Myrna Method empowers you to master the art of eating, rebalancing your body and guiding you towards a harmonious relationship with food.

Why Myrna Method™ is Your Path to True Wellness

The Myrna Method provides the scientific approach to reversing the root cause of weight gain, which is from imbalances that occur in our muscles, Insulin, gut bacteria, and brain because of not knowing how to properly combine; protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber. The body will naturally maintain your leanest and healthiest weight, with the proper combinations of these macronutrients when properly combined.

Losing weight does not fix the root cause of obesity, you will gain it back.

Weight gain is a symptom of obesity, it is not the root cause, which explains why there is less than a 10% success rate for long-term weight loss and a 90% failure rate.

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Embrace the Journey Toward
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Elevate Energy

Enhance vitality and invigorate daily life with the Myrna Method™ strategic approach.

Achieve Your Optimal Weight

Learn weight management precision through a scientifically guided methodology.

End Cravings

Attain dietary equilibrium and conquer cravings systematically with Myrna’s expert guidance

Transform Health

Experience swift health enhancements, from cardiovascular metrics to diabetes control by evidence-based interventions.

We teach you the science and provide the tools which is where the Myrna Method stands apart – by unraveling the intricate relationship between these macronutrients we pave the way for a transformative journey that extends well beyond the numbers on the scale.

What can I eat with
Myrna Method?

All food has a certain amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber, therefore no food is eliminated. The key focus is how these macronutrients are timed and combined at each meal and for the day Your food choices are based on foods you enjoy, and how you combine them at meals and with other foods,

The Key science behind
Myrna’s Methodology

Balance vs Healthy

In the Myrna Method “Balance- is how we refer to dietary chemical homeostasis from eating a correct ratio of macronutrients. Foods that are not balanced deregulate the appetite, which makes us eat more of the wrong foods. This imbalance is the root cause of weight gain. inflammation. and increased risk factors for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Making small adjustments to foods you normally eat can create a dietary balance that regulates the appetite and metabolism. Myrna’s methodology is teaching you the real story behind foods and how to fix deregulation.

Foods can be healthy but not properly balanced

The body is a system of feedback loops that create homeostasis (chemical balance). Every time we eat the body is maintaining a dietary homeostasis, and not knowing how to properly balance foods can trigger overeating, weight gain, and fatigue.

The root cause of obesity is dietary imbalances that increase the appetite and slow down the metabolism.

Losing weight will not fix the root cause of obesity, you will gain it back.

The 4 areas that create a dietary balance that reverses the obesity cycle.

Muscles require a daily ratio of macronutrients properly combined.

Insulin is a hormone if not properly balanced triggers weight gain, fatigue, and diabetes.

Gut bacteria require certain fibers daily to maintain gut balance.

Brain chemicals can cause food addiction and increase the appetite.

How to Get Started

Join the Myrna Method membership for less than $12.00 per month we provide the guidance and all the tools to change your life, by teaching you how to reverse obesity forever, it is not about short-term weight loss but knowing how to reverse obesity forever.

Myrna Method membership provides

The Myrna Method video course -explains the science and how to reverse obesity

A web-based app that balances all your meals

Recipes and meal plans already balanced

2-Weekly live streams with Myrna

2- weekly live streams with a food coach helping you build meals in the web-based app

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