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Myrna Haag RD, LD/N

Myrna Haag is a registered and licensed dietitian, with a degree in nutrition and restaurant management. Myrna has earned certifications from AFFA, the Kenneth Cooper Institute, and for the Bale and Doneen method for prevention of heart attacks and strokes. She has been a trainer and certified group fitness instructor for over 35 years. Myrna has a passion for finding the most evidence-based approach for nutrition and exercise, with an effective coaching style guiding patients through a healthy lifestyle strategy for proven long-term results.

Creating the MyrnaMethod...

Myrna has had a passion for nutrition since her early twenties when she struggled with a weight problem that resulted in disordered eating patterns, malnutrition, and low self esteem. Myrna learned that a great exercise plan will never out-perform a bad diet. Myrna ate the typical western diet with Yo-yo eating patterns that led to weight loss and weight gain. It was this frustration that led her into the field of nutrition, to find answers to today’s obesity epidemic.

Myrna’s research resulted in her current philosophy: that nutrition is not about a single food group or diet, but an individualized approach that takes into consideration a person’s individual chemical make-up. She developed and follows a nutrition balancing technique that turns off the metabolic triggers to over-eat, resulting in over 20 years of maintaining an ideal body weight and helping others reach a diet free approach to their leanest and healthiest weight.

Myrna’s enthusiasm for nutrition and helping others grew into a private clinical nutrition practice. As a registered and licensed dietitian, she provides nutrition therapies for treatment of chronic illnesses and is an active part of her patients’ medical team. The MyrnaMethod is her clinical practice philosophy that guides a patient through a system of nutrition that has been researched and proven to improve chronic illness symptoms and maintain an ideal body weight.

Over 45 Years in the Industry

Who said 64 is too old to be fit? Certainly not Myrna!
Even in her sixties Myrna continues to move like she did when she was in her twenties.

Could it be just good genes? Myrna disagrees! She isn’t afraid to tell people her secret, which is proper nutrition and exercising every day.

Myrna has been a competitive athlete for over 45 years, starting in high school and college as a swimmer and then completing her first Hawaii Iron-man triathlon in 1988 (2.5 mile ocean swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile marathon). In 2004 Myrna was ranked 5th in the United States and 11th in the world for the age group USA Triathlon Championships. She has completed several marathons, and qualified for the Boston Marathon. She is also an avid cyclist averaging over 120 miles per week of training as well as competing in triathlons and open water distance swims. Myrna trains annually for the St. Croix 5 mile “island to island’ swim, in which she places top in her age group.

Myrna has been a wellness coach and group exercise trainer for over 35 years with certifications from the Kenneth Cooper Institute, YMCA and AFAA. She developed the Challenge exercise class which has over 30 years of proven outcomes from participants who have decreased body fat and increased athletic performance. Myrna’s exercise programs emphasize cardiovascular conditioning, isometrics, plyometrics, core strength and proper body alignment.

The Importance of Giving Back to the Community

Myrna has been an active volunteer in her community for over four decades.

Boards served: YMCA, Salvation Army,
Healthy Together, Ophelia

YMCA Trainer Volunteer & Adult Achiever-
healthy lifestyle coach and group exercise trainer

Provides mentoring and academic scholarship
opportunities for disadvantaged youths
through Hillsborough Education Foundation

Volunteer partner with The Junior League of
Tampa in the Kids in the Kitchen program

Healthy lifestyle coach for residents at the
Salvation Army and Metropolitan Ministries

Education is the key
Coming together with new ideas
Let teach health to the youths

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