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The MyrnaMethod is a medical nutrition therapy program designed by Myrna Haag, a registered & licensed dietitian/nutritionist, that helps patients develop meal plans based on their genes, labs, medical diagnosis, and lifestyle. Healthcare professionals that understand the importance of prevention have dietitians that are specifically trained and licensed to work as part of their medical team. 

Lets first address the importance of “Stages of change”:

Training the Brain

A person may not be mentally or emotionally  prepared to fully engage in a diet program because they are not at a certain stage of readiness. Sometimes we decide we want a certain outcome  but are not fully ready to engage in all that is involved in getting to our goals.  

      Research supports people pass through  5 stages of change  before they can fully engage in their desired behavior. Knowing at what stage a person is at helps determine the best methodology and  action plan for them to be successful. Healthcare professionals, family members, friends and the patient themselves become frustrated and believe this is a character flaw and not a process of change that needs to be worked through. 

       The MyrnaMethod helps patients  recognize their stage of readiness, and provides tools and materials  that increases their motivation  to continue seeking knowledge in nutrition.   

      The MyrnaMethod helps people prepare themselves emotionally and mentally with information and skills that prepare the  brain for the action needed. Many times this means neurologically rewiring the brain’s thought patterns. The science behind this is called neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity is the process for the brain to reorganize itself physically through: the environment, behavior, thinking and emotions, to rewire thoughts,  neurologically, to promote a desired behavior. The brain’s thoughts can sabotage the best intentions even at the right stage of readiness. A continuous brain methodology in neuroplasticity is needed for maintenance for a desired behavior.

     The best and most effective program is worthless if the person is unable to make it happen.    Compliance requires truthful analysis of a person’s stage of readiness, and knowledge and tools to neurologically affect brain thought patterns.

The 5 pillars of our system…

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy is a dietary therapeutic approach for treating medical conditions  through a specifically tailored diet designed and monitored by a registered dietitian. Understanding a person’s specific medical and lifestyle conditions allows for a more individualized nutrition strategy.

Personal information from laboratory bio-markers and a nutrition analysis, is reviewed  by a Registered dietitian healthcare professional trained in medical nutrition therapies. Clinical studies support medical diagnosis, medications, genetics, and lifestyle determine a more individualized  dietary approach. Certain foods can cause harm or improve health based on individual needs, as well as vitamins and mineral requirements that can be different for each person based on their medical and physical condition.


Meal Balance

Registered dietitian Myrna Haag created a revolutionary dietary approach that teaches people how to  properly balance meals. Myrna’s research on how to balance meals uses a technique she created that properly combines, times and maintains macronutrient percentages for each meal. Properly balanced meals  biochemically curb the desire for food. When people lose the desire to eat, they lose weight. You can lose weight on any diet, if the calories are low enough, but the key is, a long-term ideal body weight maintenance.  The wrong diet can actually lead to more weight gain and inflammation after you stop the diet. In other words, you may have short term weight loss but an increase in inflammation, slower metabolism and create more risk for certain diseases.  The MyrnaMethod meal balance teaches you how to apply   this revolutionary methodology created from Myrna’s years of research and experience.

Most  people do not know how to eat, they get caught in diet traps and food addiction which leads to a vicious  cycle of dieting and weight gain. 

With Myrna’s system of balance you lose weight naturally because you learn how to eat the best diet for you. Dietary over-consumption is seldom about hunger but chemical food addictions we perpetuate because of our inability to understand how to properly eat.  Through years of research Myrna has developed a formula that calculates correct ratios, timing of foods and correct combination of macronutrients which makes dieting is unnecessary.

Obesity is not a choice or a  lack of willpower. No one chooses to be obese but instead they don’t realize the food choices they make create imbalances that trigger food addiction. People may understand what foods are healthy but are clueless on how these foods work in synergy with their own biochemistry or in combinations with other foods.

Science   supports the macronutrients;  protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibers, have chemical properties that when properly timed and combined regulate hormonal and biological processes.  When these macronutrients are consumed in the wrong amounts, imbalances can occur, resulting in weight gain, food cravings, inflammation and increased risk for certain diseases.  


      Weight loss happens when you lose the desire to eat.   Weight gain is when you love to eat. The MyrnaMethod meal balance turns off the food addictive trap, this is when weight loss occurs naturally.  When you are not overly focused on food consumption, it much easier to make smart food choices. The solution is to get rid of food addiction through balancing meals, and then knowing exactly what foods you need to become your leanest and healthiest self. 

     MyrnaMethod Meal balance teaches you how to eat.   Medical nutrition therapy tells you what to eat. All diet programs advocate a certain percentage of protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibers but do not provide the individualized focus or the science in applying  this revolutionary meal balance methodology created from Myrna’s years of research and experience.



Detox is the natural process the body does to rid toxins.  Optimum nutrition is critical for ensuring the proper amounts and combinations of foods and specific nutrients are either added or eliminated to support the detox process.

Liver and kidney function –  The liver and kidney use metabolic processes to clean, neutralize  and eliminate toxic substances. Adequate vitamins and minerals and certain food compounds are required for optimal liver and kidney function. Compromised kidney and liver function has been associated with poor nutrition. 

Gut Microbiome –  The gut bacteria is created from the food we eat.  Certain foods create good and bad bacteria. An imbalance of bad bacteria in the gut is associated with; cancer, heart disease, anxiety, depression, and autoimmune diseases. Consuming the right foods for good gut bacteria health is dependent on the variety and amount of plant foods  according to current research.

Gastrointestinal tract (GI)- the regulatory process of the GI tract is dependent on the gut bacteria and what type of foods best support the elimination process; which can be individualized based on a person’s chemistry.

Immune response –  A good nutrition strategy can help identify offending foods that reduce chronic illness symptoms and  enhance immunity.  


Exercise alone will never justify or “make right” the wrong diet.
The MyrnaMethod shows you a safe and effective exercise
program to promote weight loss and enhance immunity.

The most important components of exercise are the following:

  • Maintaining a specific heart rate- improves circulation
  • Proper alignment as you move through a range of motion to reduce injury
  • Muscle strength – building and maintaining muscle mass
  • Flexibility – decreases injuring and increases mobility

Exercise is not the solution to weight control it’s a tool,

and just like balancing your food you have to balance your exercise.

The Myrna Method guides you through this process. We don’t want to replace the activities you enjoy but  help strategize how to make it safer and more affectively. We will work with personal trainers and therapists as part of your physical fitness team. 

    Myrna has been an athlete for over 50 years,

she still competes in road races, triathlons  and open water distance swimming competitions. Few athletes have long standing fitness careers in  their sixties, unless they understand and practice the best exercise methods for injury prevention and maximum performance. She has been a certified  group exercise trainer for over 3 decades and has vast experience and knowledge in knowing the best strategy for optimum fitness in which she shares with you

Community Support

     Community interaction is a complex social process. New studies are showing that when presented with a problem, group interventions produce more positive results vs that of single intervention. Studies also support that our social interaction influences cognitive and subconscious thoughts, that determine our behavior.

Community helps provide motivation, information and a sense of purpose that creates a huge impact on our long-term success.

  The best nutrition strategy will not matter unless you have a compliance plan.  Community is considered one of the largest modifiers in determining your success.   We do much better when we are engaged with other with the same interests.

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