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Started on Wed Oct 6, 2021 | $99
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you get: -Accesses to our online library of videos where Myrna Haag RD,LD/N explains her researched methodology of weightless and health improvement -Quick start meal combo ideas -Excel chart to plug your own meals in to see it if passes the MyrnaMethod standard -Given a private Zoom video link that gives u accesses to 4 weeks, repeating once a week, of live class video chats with Myrna Haag RD,LD/N. >>”Class Starts” date indicates when the Live Zoom classes with Myrna Haag RD,LD/N begin. After payment has been processed and login created, You will be given access to our Members Only area where you can access your Week 1 class learning material. – Lean Life Week 1’s course material will be automatically be open to explore once you login to your account. weeks 2, 3, and 4 will be locked. Content unlocks after each live class with Myrna. Thus, Week 2, will open after your scheduled “Class Start” date. The reason for this so that we don’t overwhelm our patients with too much information at a time. Myrna’s Methodology to complete health takes time to adjust to, but is a lifelong solution once one understands the core concept of food biochemistry. Feel free to email us at Myrnamethod@gmail.com with any questions or concerns

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