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Myrna Method™ is a a groundbreaking scientific pathway to embrace eating as a lifelong sustainable practice for maintaining your optimum weight. By addressing the underlying dietary biochemical imbalances, we unveil the true source of weight fluctuations. The Myrna Method empowers you to master the art of eating, rebalancing your body and guiding you towards a harmonious relationship with food.

Why Myrna Method™ is Your Path to True Wellness

To bring about effective change, understanding the root causes is paramount. Rather than focusing solely on shedding pounds, our approach delves deeper into the science underpinning obesity. Weight loss, while a significant step, doesn’t always address the broader issues at hand. Many individuals experience weight loss without achieving a lasting shift due to unaddressed appetite and metabolism factors.

This is where the Myrna Method™ stands apart – by unraveling the intricate relationship between these factors, we pave the way for a transformative journey that extends well beyond the numbers on the scale.

Embrace the Journey Toward Lifelong Wellness

Elevate Energy

Enhance vitality and invigorate daily life with the Myrna Method™ strategic approach.

Achieve Your Optimal Weight

Learn weight management precision through a scientifically guided methodology.

End Cravings

Attain dietary equilibrium and conquer cravings systematically with Myrna’s expert guidance

Transform Health

Experience swift health enhancements, from cardiovascular metrics to diabetes control by evidence-based interventions.

Learn How We Differ From “Diet Program”

Unlike temporary solutions focusing solely on calorie restriction, our approach delves into the intricate science of balanced eating. We don’t just guide you in shedding pounds; we equip you with an understanding of how dietary imbalances impact your overall health. Instead of fixating on rapid weight loss, we prioritize sustainable, personalized strategies that restore harmony to your metabolism and appetite. The Myrna Method™ isn’t about quick fixes – it’s about empowering you with the knowledge and tools to transform your relationship with food and embrace lasting well-being.

Myrna Haag:

The Licensed Dietitian Revolutionizing Health through Myrna Method™

Registered & Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist

Myrna Haag, RD, LD/N, brings a wealth of expertise to guide you toward nutritional excellence and lasting well-being.

Certified Exercise Trainer

Myrna Haag not only excels in nutrition but also empowers your journey to optimal health through practical exercise guidance.

Myrna Haag is a distinguished registered and licensed dietitian, holding a degree in nutrition and restaurant management. Her credentials include certifications from AFFA and the Kenneth Cooper Institute, as well as specialization in the Bale and Doneen method for heart attack and stroke prevention. With over 35 years of experience as a dedicated trainer and certified group fitness instructor, Myrna’s commitment to evidence-based nutrition and exercise approaches has consistently yielded long-term results for her clients.

Are You Ready to Learn How to Eat Healthy Balanced?

What do we mean by Balance vs. Healthy?

In the Myrna Method “Balance“ is how we refer to dietary chemical homeostasis from eating a correct ratio of macronutrients. Foods that are not balanced deregulate the appetite, which makes us eat more of the wrong foods. This imbalance is the root cause of weight gain, inflammation, and increased risk factors for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Making small adjustments to foods you usually eat can create a dietary balance that regulates the appetite and metabolism. Myrna’s methodology teaches you the real story behind foods and how to fix deregulation. Foods can be healthy but not properly balanced We use a patent-pending formal process to balance your macronutrients.

Our Web-App; where you can add your foods, track them through your personal daily journal, and use Myrna Method Recipes conveniently! Our web-app contains Myrna’s Balance formulas empowering you to build meals with the perfect ratio of macronutrients for optimal health & weight loss.

Myrna Method is not a diet.

It’s a methodology to fix the root cause of obesity.


  • Your goal is not weight loss. Your current goal may be weight loss – but unless can keep it off, ….your goal will always be weight loss.
  • Obesity is not an eating problem. An eating problem is the end result of obesity, it is not the root cause
  • Obesity is not a behavior issue. Motivation and behavior are supportive, but they are not the root cause of why you are gaining weight.
  • Obesity is not a choice. No one chooses to gain weight the body creates an obesity cycle that chemically alters the ability to make good choices.

Obesity is a condition.


Science is the paradigm shift: A biochemical dietary imbalance triggers an obesity condition. It’s due to an appetite and metabolism deregulator. Dietary imbalances lead to weight gain and chronic illness. Food chemistry will help you maintain homeostasis.

Weight gain is the result of an obesity condition. The root cause of obesity is a broken appetite and metabolism. Losing weight does not mean you will fix the root cause of your obese condition; it just means you will weight less for a period of time. If you want to permanently reduce obesity fix the appetite and metabolism problem form your obese condition. The Myrna Method fixes the root cause of obesity and the end result is you loose weight.

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