Dieting Doesn't Work

Learn the Science Behind Eating!

Myrna Method™ is a revolutionary scientific approach, where your body naturally maintains your leanest self without dieting.

Learn this revolutionary system that creates dietary homeostasis resulting in 100% satiety, meaning the desire to eat is gone.

YOU live life at your leanest weight.

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" a revolutionaryprovenscientific approach to eating that results in Weight Loss"


Add your foods, track them through your personal daily journal, and use Myrna Method Recipes conveniently!


Time and combine foods through a dietary process that regulates your appetite and metabolism, you eat less, and your preference for certain foods change.


LIVE Q&A and Weekly LIVE Coaching with Myrna

4 Corners of Dietary Balance The Myrna Method™ explains how poor food choices can cause muscles, insulin, gut bacteria and brain chemicals to trigger a chemical response that deregulates our body’s natural ability to maintain our leanest and healthiest weight.

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