Clinical Nutrition

Myrna Method Doctor Referral Program

A healthcare team approach for optimum health & nutrition services 

Registered dietitians and physicians work together as part of your treatment plan. 

Physicians want the best for their patients which is why they recommend a credentialed science based approach
to nutrition that promotes healthy weight loss with the goal of reducing drug dependency. 

physician patients receive 25% off all nutrition services

What if my doctor is not registered with Myrna Method? 

To be part of our doctor referral team you can give us your doctors information and we will contact your physician to find out his interest,  Or, If your doctor completes the form directly  you will have discount within 2 days.    It will take your physician less than 1 minute and you can do it from your phone during an office visit.  It is super easy, click below!

How to apply the Doctor

referral discount   

Step One: Choose your package 

Step Two: type in your doctor’s Full name in the
        coupon code and get 25% off all services




Here what other doctors have to say: 

Many Doctors recommend the Myrna Method™ for their patients because it is NOT a diet, but a scientific approach to food balancing 
and credentialed nutrition from a licensed Registered Dietitian for 
long-term sustainable weight loss.

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