Andrea was a participant in my lean life nutrition class 10 months prior to this picture that went viral. I wanted to share this picture because this is kick-butt aging. Although fully clothed you can’t hide her physical attributes lean and strong, as she is sharing her knowledge and experience with a group of people. Andrea has always been a health seeker but polished what living lean really means after participating in the Myrna Method Lean Life course 10 months prior to this picture. The course taught Andrea how to increase her energy and lose fat, in 5 months Andrea lost 15-pounds and 10% fat, for a person who was already energy-charged and at her ideal body weight.

The real secret of getting old ….is you get wise. Not the superficial, social media fluff, but hardcore wisdom that can only be earned from experiences, good and bad. With this wisdom and all the resources you acquired through your life… is for your final performance, In reality, old age becomes the most productive years of your life. Your path becomes clear from raising children, rising careers, social climbing, ….caring about crap …..that is total crap! YOU finally get to settle into the person you wish you could have been 40 years junior. The irony is, as you build your personal wealth of character, knowledge, spiritual awareness, and perfection of your personal aptitudes your physical body is on a decline. When you are at a point in life to truly reap the goodness of all your efforts your physical decline causes you to “check out.” How many final performances are focused on the physical decline and not the enrichment we were all meant to have.

All of this rests on one critical point, did you have enough wisdom to realize the importance of taking care of your physical body. If you don’t get it, Old age becomes about mental impairment, physical limitations, energy loss, illness and loneliness. The only thing you will focus on is your decline. I believe the world would entirely change if the energy of youth was given to the elderly. Image an abundance of energy and health in a population whose final performance is focused on giving back all they learned and earned; this would be a world changer. This can only happen with the discipline and knowledge of maintaining your physical health. The miraculous truth about the human body is its amazing quest for survival and betterment which means it is never too late. It will latch on to the smallest morsel of betterment, because it wants your final performance to be your best.

YOU can’t be your best, if you don’t know how to eat, or move, and it’s never too late!

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